Executive Board

Below is a list of roles that former chapter leaders have reccomend each OFTW chapter fill. Many chapters, if there is a surplus of qualified applicants, will also have committees under each VP to include as many dedicated applicants as possible.

“Must” Have Roles


  • Responsibilities: Recruiting, organizing, and motivating the chapter Executive Board, executing regular EB meetings, act as a liaison between the chapter and OFTW HQ, finding speakers and planning events, doing any auxiliary work that needs to be done
  • Suggested qualifications: Leadership, enthusiasm, and organizational skills

VP of Social Media

  • Responsibilities: Managing the social media strategy for the chapter
  • Suggested qualifications: Digital marketing and/or social media brand management experience

VP of Tabling / VP of Pledge Week

  • Responsibilities: Managing the regular tabling of the chapter (e.g. reserves the table and space, organizes sign ups, guides new members on effective tabling and communication, etc.)
  • Suggested qualifications: Organization and leadership skills, extroverted 

VP(s) of the Student Ambassador Program

  • Responsibilities: Recruiting and managing the Student Ambassadors, hosting regular trainings, hosting other social opportunities for the SA Program to build community
  • Suggested qualifications: Motivational and interpersonal skills, large social network

“Nice to Have" Roles

Vice President / VP of Operations

  • Responsibilities: Assisting the President(s) in multiple capacities, general flexibility in  helping EB members with projects, administrative tasks (eg. booking rooms, ensuring compliance with school, etc.), assisting with meetings and recruitment, liaison between chapter and OFTW HQ when President(s) are absent, groomed for potential leadership role
  • Suggested qualifications: Leadership and organizational skills, detail oriented, flexible

VP of Physical Marketing

  • Responsibilities: Executing on the creation and distribution of flyers and other physical marketing content, spearheading new physical marketing initiatives (e.g. coffee sleeves, origami cranes, etc.) 
  • Suggested qualifications: Marketing and design skills and experience

VP of Student Group / Departmental Outreach

  • Responsibilities: Executing on regular presentations to other student groups and classes to spread the OFTW message and recruit members and pledges
  • Suggested qualifications: Presentation and public speaking skills

VP of Finance

  • Responsibilities: Managing funding requests and chapter budget, monitoring money raised and impact, reporting to OFTW HQ on progress
  • Suggested qualifications: Experience in budget management, finance or accounting background preferred

VP of Charities

  • Responsibilities: Maintaining expertise on the OFTW charity portfolio and selection process and acting as the primary charity information resources for the chapter, highlighting a different charity at each regular EB meeting
  • Suggested qualifications: Participates in the Charity Selection process

Optional Roles

VP of Photography

  • Responsibilities: Collecting highquality photo and video content from all OFTW related events, securing photos and #whyipledge / #igiveone% from everyone who takes the pledge
  • Suggested qualifications: Photography skills and experience

VP of Communications

  • Responsibilities: Managing the regular chapter newsletter and working with the VPs of Physical Marketing and Social Media to ensure consistency of messaging for all outwardfacing communications
  • Suggested qualifications: Effective writing skills 

VP of Community

  • Responsibilities: Organizing regular social events for the Executive Board and SA Program in order to foster a sense of community for chapter members
  • Suggested qualifications: Extroverted, strong interpersonal skills, charismatic