OFTW Tools from HQ

This page is a home for anything HQ-related that you may need access to during your tenure as a chapter leader.

Custom Donational Page: Donational is the platform through which students take the OFTW 1% pledge. Your custom Donational page is where your students will actually take the pledge!

Chapter Leaders' Slack Channel: Slack is a group messaging platform that allows easy and efficient communication with OFTW HQ and between chapter leaders. 

Chapter Leaders' Newsletter: The OFTW Chapter Leaders newsletter is a weekly email that includes important updates about the organization, useful materials and resources, and highlights of chapters and chapter leaders. Find the past newsletters here

Expense Reimbursement Form: used for reimbursing chapter leaders for any OFTW related expenses.

Data Dashboards: (currently under construction) One for the World takes pride in our focus on measurable results and data transparency. The Donation Dashboard visualizes chapter performance against goals, showing donor and dollar recruitment metrics throughout the year. The Raw Data Dashboard shows detailed information on pledges, allowing you to track who has pledged at your chapter and follow up with leads in your pipeline who haven't pledged yet. Because the Raw Dashboard has private information in it, you'll need to sign our NDA and get permission to view it - contact your Chapter Manager to request this.