Student Ambassador Program

What are Student Ambassadors?

Student Ambassadors (SAs) are typically people who have taken the pledge and are more passionate about spreading the OFTW message than other pledgers, but have less time and responsibility than the exec board. They are great at helping spread the OFTW clout around your campus as well as exponentially increasing your potential number of warm leads.

Student Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Get at least five pledges per semester
  • Talk and raise awareness to friends, classmates, etc. about OFTW and effective altruism
  • Attend OFTW events (about 3 per semester) and invite and bring friends
  • Generally be able to explain all the charities and be an expert in at least one

Note: SAs should also pledge because it would be hard to convince others to do so if you haven’t (and also pledging is GREAT). You do not need to pledge to start giving now. You can pledge to start giving 2, 3, 4 years from now when you do have a regular income. The amount you pledge is non-binding and can change whenever you want.

Things SAs should be able to do:

  • Respond appropriately to different people’s concerns
  • Explain effective altruism and how it’s different from standard charitable giving
  • Explain the charities OFTW supports and how they are chosen 
  • Identify the people receiving the help from these charities