Corporate Chapter Management

Corporate Chapter Leader Role Descriptions

Chapter Leaders are key volunteers for One for the World. They lead and organize their group of volunteers at their business, helping to raise awareness of us, our recommended charities and ultimately persuading people to take the One for the World pledge.

We usually recommend having at least two Chapter Leaders in any organization. This helps to spread the workload and ensure continuity if someone is off work, too busy or moves to a new employer. Other volunteers are also welcome, but it’s best to assign them specific roles (see below).

Key responsibilities:

  • Point of contact with OFTW HQ - you are the key point of contact for OFTW HQ. We ask you to be effective and regular in your communication with us. Our preferred medium is Slack but we are also completely comfortable using email or whatsapp - pick whatever works best for you
  • Point of contact internally - you’ll be the person most likely to get incoming queries about OFTW from colleagues. You’ll also need to coordinate as appropriate with internal stakeholders, such as HR, any charity committees and any senior sponsors your chapter has
  • Recruiting and leading other volunteers - absolutely the best way to make your life easier and the chapter more effective! We’ve listed several roles  you might want to recruit at the bottom of this document. Ultimately, you are your co-chapter leader will lead and coordinate this group

Key skills and behaviors:

  • Enthusiastic and passionate about OFTW - this will rub off on your co-volunteers and potential pledgers alike
  • Prepared to make the ask - we can’t stress this enough - this position will involve asking your colleagues to take the pledge! Your tone and approach is up to you, but be prepared!
  • Organizational and leadership skills - managing a small group of volunteers is the most efficient route to success. Chapter Leaders who can keep people accountable and motivated are always the most successful volunteers

Some other roles worth recruiting:

Pledge Week Lead

Depending on your corporation’s approach to giving, you may want to run a concentrated pledge drive. We call these pledge weeks and having a single dedicated organizer often pays dividends.

  • Responsibilities: Managing the regular activity of the chapter (e.g. reserves space, organizes speakers, advertises events, collects signups, guides new members on effective communication, etc.)
  • Suggested qualifications: Organization and leadership skills, extroverted 

Comms & Social Media Lead

There are usually internal channels that offer amazing opportunities to build awareness - that might be Yammer, internal mailing lists, corporate groups etc.. Having a point person to keep awareness high on these channels really helps. You are also very welcome to set up OFTW social media channels for your chapter if you’d like.

  • Responsibilities: Managing the social media for the chapter, internally at the corporation and externally if appropriate
  • Suggested qualifications: Digital marketing / social media brand management experience

Internal Ambassadors

  • Responsibilities: Recruiting people to the cause, raising awareness, hosting regular get togethers (socials, talks or similar)
  • Suggested qualifications: Motivational / interpersonal skills, large social network