Corporate Chapter Overview

Corporate chapters are extremely valuable to OFTW. People already in work give more, access corporate matching and cancel less. However, we recognize that corporate chapters are very different to our chapters at universities.

As a corporate chapter leader, you're welcome to use any of the content on this site - we particularly recommend delving into the social media guides and resources. However, we don't expect you to set up a table and start waylaying people in the front lobby of your company.

We want corporate chapter leaders to have a high degree of autonomy in deciding how to promote the OFTW pledge within your company. You will know best how the company works, what aligns with the culture and what doesn't. That could be one event every year, to give everyone the good news; or it could be continuous personal outreach in your work network.

We ultimately think corporate chapters come down to:

Four key steps

1. Understand your role and enlist some help!

2. Run the right events at the right time - if you have a corporate giving month, that would be perfect; if not, what works in your workplace? Does your company match giving, either all the time or at certain times of the year (you can check here)? Will people want a lunchtime talk, a speaker event or a Giving Lunch? Or something else entirely?

3. Communicate in terms that your colleagues will understand, using our corporate deck and two-pager (version A or version B). Make sure you check out our value proposition page to understand exactly what your colleagues will get by donating to this charity, rather than the 1.4m others vying for their attention.

4. Get comfortable closing. This is always going to be a bit delicate, as you're asking your colleagues to give money. However, by inviting people to open events and talks, you can let them qualify themselves as leads. So by the time you're having that 1:1 chat and asking them if they want to give, you're only offering them an opportunity that they already wanted to take.