Corporate Events

Corporate settings need a different approach to events, as compared to our university chapters. While it's perfectly fine (well, acceptable, anyway) to grab a random stranger as they pass by on campus and pitch them on OFTW, we don't expect you to accost the CEO in your workplace lobby.

Your corporate events are likely to be the best opportunities to identify warm leads who might take the pledge. You therefore want to hold events that will bring in a wide range of people.

Obviously having a great pipeline is only worth it if you close the pledges!  This will need some chops on your part - unfortunately, at some point, you do have to ask them straight out to give!  However, by identifying warm prospects in advance you know that you're not springing anything on them if they agree to a conversation.

You can follow up after events by email, with donation links and our value proposition ; but usually you'll need a 1:1 conversation to close their pledge. 

Kick-off and speaker events

Kick off and speaker events are a great way to throw the net wide. You'll know how best to get attendees, whether that is a lunchtime talk that people can drop into casually, an early evening talk with wine and nibbles or a speaker event with a big name to headline.

The step-by-step goes like this:

1. Decide on time, format, speaker etc.

2. Reserve the space

3. Advertise, advertise, advertise

We do have quite a strong record of getting high profile speakers to visit universities but the chances of this are greatly diminished at a corporate, where they are likely to want a fee. We therefore think your best bet is to speak yourself, ideally with another colleague or two who can help explain why OFTW makes sense to you and why it's so important. Our corporate intro deck is specifically designed to help you explain who we are and what we do. We are also always happy to send a member of staff to co-present (or will be once the global pandemic ends) - just ask your chapter manager.

Make sure you also ask your chapter manager reach out to existing members at your company! They are a great source of support and can help pack the room.

To advertise, consider using our two-pager as an email attachment, and adapting the email templates here (disclaimer: these are quite student-focused and will need some tweaking).

Giving Lunches

Giving Lunches are a new tool that OFTW is exploring during coronavirus. We adapted (stole) the idea from our friends at Tyve and, so far, these events have proved really great for introducing new people to effective giving.

Our tentative early results suggest that it is actually possible to close a pledge just from a Giving Lunch and some email follow up; but expect to meet for virtual call, a coffee or a beer to seal the deal.

Jump to our Giving Lunches page for the deck and a video explaining how to deliver one. We really encourage you to use this tool, especially while we can't host in-person events.