Use this guide to make sure all your activity is on-brand and on-message. You can access the brand guidelines cheatsheet here and deck here (please make a copy before editing!)

Communicating OFTW

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right words to express OFTW. Here are some important examples of how we present ourselves, and some language/appeals to use.

  • Abbreviation: please use “OFTW”
  • Hashtags (hide them with three periods):  #endpoverty  #whyIgive #1fortheworld #effectivegiving #extremepoverty #schoolname #schoolnickname #schoolhashtag


We encourage students and young professionals to pledge to donate at least 1% of their income to our portfolio of effective, evidence-based charities.

A donation that has really small value for you has an enormous relative value when given to one of these charities.

We are an organization dedicated to helping fight global poverty through educating students on the principles of effective giving.

One for the World helps you donate to the world’s most effective charities.

We update our portfolio every year, so you know you’re always having maximum impact.

Which charities do the most good? Which are trustworthy? We can tell you.

These charities combat global poverty and save lives with simple, proven, & cost-effective interventions

You can have a MASSIVE (bigger than you think) impact by donating effectively. We want more people to know this and be able to act on it!

We are a movement of young professionals changing charitable giving to end extreme poverty


Help People In Need. Pledge 1%

Volunteer to change the world

Our charities are unbelievably impactful.

Give 1% of your income & save lives

Ever saved a life?

Charity, Reviewed and Ranked

Giving makes you happier

The Problem: Global Poverty. The Solution: Effective Giving

Best Charities In The World

We can all live on 99% of our income

Become a philanthropic leader

Transparent, trustworthy, impactful

1% of income is affordable for everyone.

Maximize social impact

Not All Giving Is Equal

Give effectively. Save lives.

We are a movement of people like you.

We do the hard work for you.

Join The Effective Giving Movement

We are for everyone.

Combining the head and the heart

Word Choice

Bad Version

Good Version

poor countries

developing countries

rich countries

developed countries

can/might/could help

“does/will help”, helps

good/important/meaningful charities

effective/high impact/efficient charities

sickness, illness, disease

preventable diseases

some amount, one percent, a portion

at least one percent

giving your money away


help people

save lives, improve lives, transform lives, empower communities


Image Guidelines

Utilizing the right images can help to drive emotional response to our ask and being careful about which images to use can greatly improve your materials.

  • Our first and best defence against any suggestion of ‘poverty porn’ is to use photographs of our amazing volunteers and donors. These make by far the most effective social media posts, so:
  • Use photos of your board/members! It helps with social capital/proofing.
  • When you do use images of our charities, avoid any that passively show “what poverty is supposed to look like”
    • E.g.: sad children, images of kids only making eye contact with camera, images of communities without any action elements
  • Instead, focusing on communicating your message with a direct, action-based photo. E.g. if you’re talking about how Living Goods works, use a photo of a Community Health Worker using their mobile app
    • Try to use photos that capture the intervention itself, rather than just a photo of non-white children.
  • Cite photos with as much detail as possible. It’s great to be able to say “this photo is taken in X country and shows X charity providing X intervention which serves X need."
  • Use high quality images, the crisper the better! Phone cameras are great nowadays.