As a OFTW chapter, you have the opportunity to throw several types of events on campus. Events are a great way to loop people into our movement without directly pitching them (though that can come at the end!). Raising on-campus clout leads to pledges, which leads to saving lives. 

Kick-Off events are key to establing new chapters. They introduce OFTW to your campus, allowing you to make your mark and get some early recruits. Check out our Kick-Off Event Guide

Speaker Events are great for educating people–both newcomers and members–on effective altruism, effective giving, or philanthropy more generally. Ideally, once people are red-pilled by your speaker, they'll be eager to take the pledge thereafter. Check out our Speaker Event Guide

Social Events allow the OFTW and/or EA communities to relax, celebrate the lives you've saved, and get into heated arguments about whether Malaria bednets or chemoprevention are a better investmest. We encourage members to bring friends that are unitiatied, in the hopes that you'd be able to convert them with your boardgames, rational and data-driven approach to doing good, and antique hat collection. Check out our Social Event Guide