Social Event Guide

Social events are definitely the most hands-off of the bunch. Every chapter has a different culture, set of personalities, etc. Whether you want to throw an absolute rager, a vegan potluck (in the name of animal liberation), a board-game night, or wine-night while you watch Kubrick's entire filmography, we support you (as long as it's safe and legal). 

Social events should primarily be about relaxing and getting to know your fellow effective altruists. At worst, you guys have a good time. At best, the iron bonds of friendship forged at the event will result in increased chemistry at the table or at recruitment events, leading to pledges, leading to saving lives. 

Any food, drinks, or game supplies will be reimbursed by HQ. Just fill out the reimbursement form here. And have fun!

P.S. if you're set on doing a movie night, here are some movies that tackle EA-related themes and causes:

  • Okja - Surrealist dark comedy by Bong-Joon Ho about factory farming 
  • Ex Machina - extremely intimate and nuanced look at artificial intelligence 
    • I, Robot is a more light-hearted, tropey 2000s action flick with Will Smith, yet it has some profound messages on AI beneath the surface. Good movie to laugh at and discuss after. 
  • Contagion - eerily realistic and relevent depiction of a global pandemic 
  • Snowpiercer - another Bong-Joon Ho (this one more action-packed) about poverty, class struggle, and climate change