Giving Lunches

Giving Lunches are a new tool that OFTW is exploring during coronavirus. We adapted (stole) the idea from our friends at Tyve and, so far, these events have proved really great for introducing new people to effective giving and effective altruism.

Below are the Giving Lunch deck and a video explaining how to deliver one. We really encourage you to use this tool, especially while we can't be on campus hosting in-person events.

Three key tips for Giving Lunches

1. Everyone who turns up gets $10 to any charity of their choice (paid for by OFTW HQ). To get this, they need to use a form to register (so we get their email and phone number) and complete a post-event form to tell us where the money goes. We suggest using this one (pre-event: please make a copy before editing!) and this one (post event: please make a copy before editing!).

2. It's a conversation, not a lecture. These lunches work so well because they are interactive - people talk about their current giving, their approach to philanthropy, they take part in the quiz on effective interventions - it all gets people talking and engaged and leads to real human connections between you and them. This will then allow you to follow up and ask them directly to take the pledge. Make sure you are asking questions and letting other people speak at every opportunity, and try to call on everyone at least once.

3. Practice, practice, practice. Even though it's a great chance to be informal, you have to get certain bits right. The drowning child analogy in particular needs to be pretty well honed, and you usually won't be able to see speaker notes while you're screensharing. So even though you're going to be a witty, charming, positively-Oscar-Wilde-like raconteur, you need to have put in the time before you go. During COVID-19, this is effectively part of your pitch, so learn it well.

How-to video

Giving Lunch Deck

Template Giving Lunch forms

You can copy and adapt ours, or just use them and ask HQ for the data, here (if you want to adapt it, please copy before editing!) and here (if you want to adapt it, please copy before editing!).