OFTW's Value Proposition

One for the World is a movement of people driven primarily by their passion to change the world. We are a philanthropic movement, full of altruists who want to make the world better.

However, like any movement, we also provide a lot of value to our members. In our experience, these 'perks' will almost never be enough to sell someone on taking the pledge - but you should be familiar with them so that people know what an amazing club they're signing up to!

The file below is a summary which you can send around. You can also use our OFTW Two Pager , which has information on why OFTW is needed on the front and this information on the back.

We keep you connected to your giving

All too often, you donate to a charity and have no idea where your money goes. Not so with OFTW! We send you an impact report that translates your donation into real, concrete outcomes and impact. We do this every quarter, for every donor.

These impact reports are, as far as we know, unique and they are also hugely popular, so be sure to highlight them!

We ensure your donations have maximum impact

Lots of people don't know how to choose where they should donate. There are 1.4m charities in the US alone and every one seems to have a compelling case for support. Well, nearly every one. The ones that buy pictures of their founders to hang in golf clubs don't seem that compelling.

OFTW does the hard work for you. We work with a leading charity evaluator to find unbelievably impactful, cost-effective charities - and we update the Top Picks portfolio every year, so you're always giving to the best places possible.

You become part of a movement

When you take the pledge, you're becoming part of a global movement of like-minded philanthropists. Together, we're changing charitable giving to end extreme poverty. OFTW members do business together, network together, socialise together and have even got married to each other. As soon as you've pledged, add the pledge to your LinkedIn to let people know that you're part of the club; and, once your donations start, join our LinkedIn members group to connect with your peers.

No fee for OFTW

OFTW doesn't take any fee for its own operating costs out of donations. After the necessary card and donation software fees to collect the donation, we pass on everything to our charities. Lots of people automatically assume this isn't the case, so be sure to highlight it!

Donations are tax deductible

Your donations in the US, Canada and Australia are locally tax-deductible and available in your local currency. This means a $200 donation can cost you as little as $67, depending on your tax bracket. When you combine this with the fact that your money goes way further overseas owing to relative purchasing power, this provides incredible value to you as a donor.